#DearAutumn: Letters to Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese


Right now, #DearAutumn is trending on Instagram as hundreds of people are sharing their success stories with Super Trainer Autumn Calabrese’s programs like Portion Fix, 80 Day Obsession and 21 Day Fix on Beachbody On Demand.

The common theme across all these posts is the deep impact Autumn and her programs have had on their physical transformations and their personal success stories.

Team Beachbody Coach Kristina Delgado started #DearAutumn as a way to thank Autumn for the impact she has made on her life and to express her excitement about Ultimate Portion Fix and the updated 21 Day Fix.

“The power of #DearAutumn is that it creates social proof that Autumn’s programs work,” Delgado says. “It’s not just about weight-loss images — it’s truly about the stories connected to each image. No doubt, the stories create a common thread of relatability and realness that images cannot do alone. I hope that in reading these stories a person feels inspired to get healthy, make lasting change, and then pay it forward!”

Beachbody CEO Carl Daikeler has seen Kristina’s posts gain traction in the past because of the meaningful stories and incredible results she and her team have experienced.

“Kristina has done this before with #IamTeamBeachbody,” says Daikeler. “When her team gets passionate about something, they are unstoppable influencers. I know Kristina’s life and business were transformed by 21 Day Fix and the containers, and it’s great to see her and Diesel Nation and now so many other teams supporting the launch of Ultimate Portion Fix and the new 21 Day Fix with this recognition of Autumn’s work!”

Here are just some of people’s #DearAutumn posts about how Autumn has changed their lives:

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Dear @autumncalabrese, A little over 5 years ago, you were new to Beachbody and I needed a complete overhaul. When you walked on stage and showed us the portion containers I remember turning to Danny and saying “I need this, I need to do this program now.” . The stars aligned and I was chosen for your first ever test group of the 21 Day Fix. When my package arrived that contained the containers and 2 DVDs with the 7 Fix workouts, I knew it would change everything for me. I remember secretly showing someone (who will remain nameless) and she doubted THIS would be a “game-changer” like I had professed so often. But I knew. I knew it would change my life, many lives, and our business. Forever. 21 days later — I had a brand new body but a new friend too. Even though our friendship wasn’t was it is now back then — through the TV screen I felt like I had a personal trainer not a celebrity trainer. I felt that you cared about my results and cared about what you did for a living. It poured out of you during each workout. . For the many years that followed, we helped thousands with this program and then Fix Extreme, the Master’s Hammer and Chisel, and Fixate. You worked tirelessly for us and that doesn’t go unnoticed. Not sure how you do it but you also make time to foster friendships and even Coach me personally. Dishing tough love, challenging me often, and giving me more opportunities than I many times felt I didn’t deserve. But when you placed 80 Day Obsession in my lap – you knew exactly what you were doing. Once again, it was YOUR program that single-handledly changed my body, my mind, my nutrition, my everything. THAT program has brought the most incredible women into my tribe who needed it just as badly as I did. And for that, I thank you! . And thank you for Ultimate Portion Fix. Already it has allowed me to introduce Beachbody to a doctor, to a fitness competitor, to a fit pro, and to countless women JUST LIKE ME who just need easy and simple nutrition. Autumn, you’ve changed my life in so many ways and we found it fitting to share that today on social media so that others can see the profound impact you’ve had! #DearAutumn #ThankYou

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Dear Autumn My words here will never suffice in letting you know what your system, fitness programs and you have done for this non fitness, un motivated, sceptic. Your genius, vision, dedication to impacting lives and love for what you do, changed my life! My journey started almost 2 years ago. When an over weight, over 40 wife and mom of 2 found herself at a low stage in her life. I didn’t like the person that I saw in the mirror. My self esteem was down in the dumps and I was trying to figure out where to go from here. Throughout my years I had tried every fad diet, book, home remedy, shake, pill, seeds, soup, you name it I had tried it and although some did help me lose weight none helped me create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. They were all temporary solutions and in some cases unhealthy ones at that. Then your portion control system came into my life just at the precise moment I was about to through in the towel. Had given up on the possibility of ever finding a true sustainable solution. I had decided that this was me and would just be me forever. But I said let me give it one more try. I went in with an open mind, heart although still skeptical. I followed the system as it was designed and trusted the process. I studied the system and educated myself in how it worked and once I started placing all my containers into a plate I realized just how much food I was eating. I actually was eating more than I was use to. Because to me eating less equaled losing weight and now I knew that I actually had to eat more to lose and maintain weight. This realization was mind blowing to say the least! Then your fitness programs come into the picture to challenge me in ways I never knew possible! This non fitness person started doing your 21 day program as a modifier with Kat with no weights, barely able to keep up. I don’t sweat so I was turning as red as a tomato as I did back in PE at school and it was like I was about to die but guess what I didn’t Jejeje…. Your words of encouragement throughout were essential and I truly felt you right next to me pushing me to hold that plank for one more second and so I did. . . Read more in my comments #dearautumn

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Ultimate Portion Fix is currently available for Team Beachbody Coaches and launches March 18 for customers.

When you purchase the Ultimate Portion Fix program in the month of March, you’ll also have access to the reshoot of 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix EXTREME workouts — live and in real-time!

Have you had success with one of Autumn Calabrese’s programs? If so, share your note of gratitude with #DearAutumn on Instagram.

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